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 big and small 

“Inventory levels and optimization are golden. We don’t want anything else!”

Without a doubt an amazing system. The return on investment was instantly noticeable. Our Lightspeed store has a solid integration with powerful automations in place. Would recommend it to any ecommerce store.

– Pim Berghuizen (

“We sell more products with less inventory”

With an inventory of 3000 unique products, we know exactly how much we have to order. Every day there is a completely automated purchasing advice backed by a powerful algoritm. Because of this we have saved about €10.000,- in 3 months. It all comes down to generating more sales with less inventory. Essentially what every ecommerce owner wants and needs.

– Alex Kaptein (Bralex)

I now have one purchaser instead of four

To be honest, if I did not have Optiply I would have a team of 3 to 4 purchasers. With Optiply we brought that number down to one purchaser who almost functions autonomously. As a result I can focus on the entrepreneurial side and accelerating growth.

Koen Ducarmon, Boozyshop

Powerful insights of my inventory and a clear forecast

A very useful application which gives you vital insights about your inventory and a clear forecast. Implementing Optiply was very easy and the customer service is always ready to assist in anything that comes up.

Ruud Kleine, Mr. Dental Supplies

User friendly tool with impressive analytics

Optiply assists us with purchasing, forecasting and analyzing our products. We save a lot of time because of Optiply. Next to that, questions and requests are carried out in a very timely manner. The software is continuously improving and thereby increasing its value every day. Personal attention to details makes Optiply a very pleasant business to work with. Would recommend it to every retailer.

Fatih, GSMWise

Excellent tool, excellent customer support!

Optiply gives an accurate and clear overview of your sales and inventory. This makes it easy to optimize different aspects in your supply chain. Moreover, their customer support is outstanding. Every question is matched with a quick follow up and solution, even outside of business hours.

Thomas de Vriendt, Iedereen Loopt

Optiply creates peace of mind

Our current system also has a purchasing module, not even remotely as complete as Optiply. Back in the days I used to purchase products based on a hunch and experience. Nowadays Optiply gives me detailed insights and professionalised our purchasing process.


Supplying my store without any doubts

When I started, purchasing was relatively uncomplicated and easy to manage. With more than 100.000 products in stock, this situation called for a solution. Optiply helps us manage all of these products and we don’t have to do any analysis. We are very happy with this collaboration! 

Casper Ehrencron, Partywinkel

Optimal inventory levels, even from Asia

Optiply reduced our time spent on purchasing by a lot. We import products from Asia, which means we need a flexible and quick approach to our supply chain. Considering the fact that Optiply continuously calculates the optimal supply level, we see a positive impact on our inventory and supply chain.


Better product availability

The amount of products in our store has been growing in the past few years. As a result, predicting the right inventory levels became harder and more time consuming. Optiply supplies us with detailed insights and enables us to order products with just the click of a button. This saves us a lot of time and ensures a better product availability for our customers. 

Dirk Schrama, Dutch Mud Men

Purchasing just got more efficient

Optiply is very user friendly and directly contributes to our growth. Next to that Optiply makes our purchasing process a lot more efficient. I only need to validate the purchasing advice, which allows me to focus on other important tasks.



With more than 300 satisfied clients, Optiply enhances the stock of many ecommerce stores and wholesalers. Because we would like to offer you an advice that tailors to the needs of your business, we like to explain the advantages in a personal demo.

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