The setting journey of an intern to a full-time frontend developer has been unveiled at Optiply. João Vasconcelos is excited to talk about his two main roles as a professional developer and a student who is pursuing his Masters in Computer Science and Engineering. Learn more about João, his motivation to work for Optiply, and his simple mantra to become good, better, and the best. Also, look out for some personal tips that João has for future team members.

What influenced you to continue working for Optiply after your six-month internship?

“There are a few traditions which Optiply follows and those constantly pulled me towards the company and the team. Programming has always been a passion of mine. Staying up-to-date about new technologies and developing something from scratch to make it better – and better – is my biggest hobby. Now I can practice my craft at Optiply.”

“Here at Optiply I gain confidence from meeting new people and building great friendships. It is not just a LinkedIn network. And I feel, there is a lot of openness to new ideas, regardless of the department. There is constant support from everyone by listening and valuing these new ideas. The goals are well defined and that makes everyone motivated to contribute to both personal and company growth.”


“Being empathetic is an important character trait of a frontend developer”
João Vasconcelos

Frontend Developer, Optiply

What do you appreciate the most about your job and why should someone join the development team at Optiply?

“The first thing that comes to mind is being empathetic. This character trait helps me as a frontend developer to develop a user-friendly product. This role challenges me to keep myself streamlined to evolutions and encourages me to pay close attention to the details.”

“Within the development team, you try to inspire each other with words and actions. The team should provide a place for you to learn because members of a development team are naturally inclined to want to learn. That is also what this kind of work requires from you. Every developer dreams of having a work culture that offers the freedom to experiment.”

What motivates you to keep up with the constant change in your department?

“Optiply is a mission-driven company. They want to make a difference with the combination of technology and sustainability. With the aim of providing the best data-driven solutions.  This mission motivates me to set goals and strive to contribute to the company’s mission. In addition, I have a developer mindset that focuses on developing ideas and turning those ideas into actions. Uncertainty does not scare me and it excites me when I can use my problem-solving skills to create solutions.”


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