How Optiply works

Data-driven purchasing within minutes?

Integrate Optiply quickly and easily. Determine what your purchasing and stock will look like.

Get 12% more turnover, spend 80% less time on purchasing and save 26% on less stock.


Get started intuitively and clearly

Automate your shopping today. Save time through efficient inventory management, reduce costs and balance this with revenue so you can focus on things that really matter: growing your business.

optiply integreren

1. Integrate your platform

Connect your ERP, WMS or your own API with Optiply. Load data such as sales history, product and supplier information automatically and easily.

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2. Set Optiply

Set the settings you need for more stock control, delivery reliability and reliable purchasing advice.

Optiply AI inkoopalgoritme

3. Optiply calculates

Sit back and relax while the AI purchasing algorithm determines purchasing advice based on more than 40 analyses. It’s no longer necessary to deliberate and weigh up yourself.

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4. Check your purchasing advice

Check your purchasing advice and adjust where necessary to keep a grip on your purchases and stock.

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5. Send order & you’re done

Once you press ‘confirm order’, you’re done! While you’re waiting for your delivery, you can easily and quickly prepare a new purchase order.

Integrate with Optiply

Whether you use an ERP, CMS, WMS or your own system,
it’s easy to integrate Optiply to make your purchasing process even faster.

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Improve processes with your ERP system and Optiply—without complicated code. Make purchasing smart and prepare your webshop for new developments.

optiply wms


Want to efficiently manage stock in your warehouse? Integrate your WMS system with Optiply. Link real-time data and prevent errors in the warehouse.

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Manage your products quickly and easily in one place. Create an overview and keep control of your purchase and stock in a user-friendly way.

optiply api

Optiply API

Do you already have your own inventory management system? No problem! With the Optiply API you can easily transfer data for an automatic and smart purchasing process.

Why choosing for Optiply:


More sales


Less time spent on purchasing


Less stock