Optimise AFAS for efficient demand planning

With AFAS, you already keep track of your administration, but with the Optiply integration you can switch from gut feeling to data-driven inventory management. 40+ forecasting models and AI can calculate accurately what, when, how much and where to purchase.

AFAS Integration with Optiply

How does it work?

AFAS Integration with Optiply

Sync AFAS to Optiply

The link between Optiply and AFAS is provided by Improvit. This link sends product information, sales orders, purchase orders, and supplier data to Optiply.


Customise your forecasting methods

Select your preferred inventory management and forecasting methods.


Check your purchasing advice

Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. Simply check and validate the generated purchasing advice.


Start optimizing inventory

When ready, send purchase orders directly to your supplier via Optiply. You will automatically see the proposed purchase orders in AFAS.

Why integrate?

Take data-driven purchasing decisions

Smart demand forecasting

The AI purchasing algorithm makes a forecast based on your product and sales history from AFAS, but also considers seasons and trends. Optiply determines your purchasing strategy to give accurate replenishment recommendations.

Balanced inventory for a healthy cash flow

Optiply’s unique ABC categorisation ensures your bestsellers receive priority in inventory management to balance your entire inventory. By properly arranging your purchases, you ensure sufficient cash flow and avoid stockouts.

Automated purchase strategy

Optiply gives reliable advice about what products, when and from which supplier to order. You can send purchase orders directly from Optiply to your supplier and get real-time insights into the performance of your products and suppliers.

Always choose the best supplier

Add multiple suppliers and determine the minimum amount you want to order. Optiply automatically selects the best option.


Afas Software offers an ERP system that arranges all your business processes in one place. All are efficiently linked in the cloud and centrally stored in one database. Get more insight into your inventory and rebalance it. With Optiply, you make data-driven choices and use purchasing automation to speed up your purchasing process by 80%.

"Better product availability with less stock"

Niels Veltman: "We are already seeing the effects of Optiply, which gives confidence and motivation to continue this upward trend. In addition, it is in line with our strategic choices, as we still believe the most important factor is our service levels. It is great that we now have an objective tool to measure and optimise this."

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