A balanced inventory for your BizBloqs warehouse

Do you want more insight into your inventory and improve its value? Optiply helps you to get more turnover with less inventory. With data-driven choices you know exactly what, how much and where to purchase your products. Avoid stockouts and increase your turnover.

Bizbloqs Integration with Optiply

How does it work?

Optiply and Bizbloqs Integration

Sync Bizblogs to Optiply

After creating the API key, BizBloqs automatically sends your sales orders, product information, supplier information, deliveries and purchase orders to Optiply.

Customise your forecasting methods

Select your preferred inventory management and forecasting methods.

Check your purchasing advice

Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. Simply check and validate the generated purchasing advice.

Start optimizing inventory

When you’re ready, send your orders directly to your supplier via Optiply. Purchase orders are synchronised directly in BizBloqs.

Why integrate?

The right warehouse layout and the optimal inventory levels

Data-driven demand forecasting

The AI purchasing algorithm makes a forecast based on the data from BizBloqs and indicates which products to replenish, which supplier to use and when to place the order. You don’t have to make any complicated calculations yourself.

Balanced inventory for a healthy cash flow

The integration with BizBloqs ensures that you have the optimal inventory to serve your customers. Automated ABC categorisation prevents you from overstocking on your lower-value products and gives priority to your bestsellers to ensure sufficient cashflow and avoid stockouts.

Streamline purchase orders

You can place purchase orders directly via Optiply, simply by an automatic email, downloading your order, or linking your supplier with the API.

Always choose the best supplier

Add multiple suppliers and determine the minimum order value. Account prices and delivery times are considered for each order. Let Optiply automatically choose the best supplier.


With BizBloqs, manufacturers, web stores and wholesalers gain control over their logistics processes. BizBloqs can handle any type of logistics application, from a simple pick-pack-ship or scanning solution to a highly advanced multi-warehousing solution. If determining the correct quantities of each product is still a challenge, Optiply helps you to get an optimal inventory, so you don’t have to worry about excess stock or lost sales.

Rene van de Zel XXL Nutrition

“With Optiply, the stock is down 30 percent.”

René van de Zel: “We used to work with minimum and maximum order quantities. As soon as the inventory dropped, we started ordering. Changes in sales are not included in this, so we were always too late or too early to order. Optiply offers the perfect solution..”

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