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QLS manages the entire logistics process of your webshop

When you, as a webshop, opt for QLS fulfilment, you no longer have to worry about logistics tasks. QLS can process packages faster, cheaper and more efficiently thanks to the AutoStore (automated warehouse) and packing machine. With the integration of QLS and Optiply, you save time and money as a webshop.

Knives And Tools Optiply
Knives And Tools Optiply
Knives And Tools Optiply
Knives And Tools Optiply
Knives And Tools Optiply
Knives And Tools Optiply

How does the QLS & Optiply integration work?


After creating the API key, QLS sends the required product information to Optiply via the standard integration.


Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. ou only have to check the purchasing advice to order immediately!

The integrations of QLS:


Why integrate?

Data-driven choices

The AI purchasing algorithm uses data from QLS to prepare purchasing advice for you. This way you always order the correct quantity from the best supplier at the right time.

Purchasing automation

Do you spend a lot of time managing data in different systems? Optiply can manage this for you: check purchasing advice, order and done.

Balanced Inventory

With Optiply you focus on your most essential products. Balance your inventory and continuously meet customer demand. That is how easy it is to realise growth.

Integrate with Optiply

From too little or excess stock to an optimal inventory

QLS handles all logistics processes from the provision, storage, order picking, packing, shipping and returns. Thanks to the integration with Optiply, you, as a webshop, not only know for sure that you have the most optimal inventory in your warehouse but also that your purchasing process becomes more efficient and scalable. The most important advantages of the integration between QLS and Optiply at a glance:

  • The AI purchasing algorithm makes an accurate forecast so that you know exactly how much, when and from whom you can best order.
  • The ABC categorisation ensures that your most essential products are always in stock. This way you can be sure that you will never say lose a sale for these products.
  • Optiply considers seasons and trends so that you are prepared for highs and lows in your sales.
  • Add multiple suppliers and determine the minimum amount you want to order. Optiply considers each supplier’s product prices, minimum order values, shipping costs and delivery times.
  • You can purchase directly from Optiply by emailing your suppliers automatically, downloading your purchase orders or linking suppliers to the API.

Balance your inventory with Optiply. Use data to plan your replenishment orders and make your purchasing process easier to hand over via our user-friendly app.


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QLS supplies fulfilment, parcel services and software for e-commerce. Outsource all logistics processes to QLS so that you save time and money as a webshop. Thanks to the AutoStore (automated warehouse) and packing machine, packages can be processed faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

This is why you choose Optiply:


Fewer Lost Sales


Less inventory

purchasing forecasting

Do you want to integrate Optiply with QLS?

With Optiply, purchasing based on gut feeling makes way for purchasing based on data. Always at the right time, with the perfect quantity, ordered with one click from the best supplier.

We would love to demonstrate what Optiply can do for your business in a free live demo.