Improve your Magento stock management

Do you want more insight in your stock and improve its value? Based on 40+ forecasting models and AI, you know exactly what, how much and where to purchase. Prevent stockouts and increase your turnover.

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How does the Magento 2 & Optiply integration work?


Magento 2 sends the Salable Quantity and Quantity data to Optiply via the API. Afterwards, we set up the integration for you, as well as upload your suppliers, which you simply share with us via a suppliers list.


Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines the ideal stock based on the (Salable) Quantity and sales rules. Simply check and validate the purchasing advice, and order immediately! The integration also allows for ordering backorders.

Why integrate for better inventory management?

Make data-driven choices

The AI purchasing algorithm makes a forecast based on the data from Magento. That way, you don’t have to make complicated and superficial calculations yourself.

Purchasing on autopilot

Still spending significant time managing Excel sheets? Or do you work with multiple purchasing systems? With Optiply you do your purchasing conveniently from one place.

Rebalance your stock

Optiply enables you to focus on your bestsellers, so your entire stock is balanced and your customer’s needs are met. Grow your business in the blink of an eye!

Integrate with Optiply

More revenue with less inventory

Growing your business is what you want to do. By properly arranging your purchases, you ensure sufficient cashflow and avoid stockouts. The main advantages of the Magento integration at a glance:

  • Optiply’s unique ABC categorisation ensures your bestsellers receive priority in stock management. This prevents stockouts and helps you to never say โ€œnoโ€ to your customers again;
  • Theย AI purchasing algorithm takes over thinking and calculations for procurement forecasting and indicates exactly where, when, and from whom you should order; Purchasing based on superficial averages is a thing of the past;
  • Your purchase order is prepared for you by Optiply. All you have to do is validate and order;
  • You can execute your purchase orders directly from Optiply, simply by sending an automatic email to your supplier, downloading your order, or linking your supplier with the API.
  • Add multiple suppliers and determine the minimum amount you want to order. Optiply takes into account the product prices, minimum order value, shipping costs and delivery times of each supplier for the optimal purchasing advice;

Get more insight in your inventory and rebalance it. With Optiply, you make data-driven choices, purchase on autopilot, and simplify the process for handovers to (new) colleagues.



Customers typically achieve with Optiply


More sales


Less time spent on purchasing


Less stock

Calculate your savings and discover how much your business can save.

"Better product availability with less stock"

Niels Veltman: "We are already seeing the effects of Optiply, which gives confidence and motivation to continue this upward trend. In addition, it is in line with our strategic choices, as we still believe the most important factor is our service levels. It is great that we now have an objective tool to measure and optimise this."


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Do you want to integrate Optiply with Magento 2?

With Optiply, procurement based on gut feeling makes way for data-based purchasing. Always at the right time, with the perfect quantity, ordered in just one click from the best supplier.

We would love to demonstrate what Optiply can do for your business in one of our live demos.