Data-driven demand forecasting for Monta

Optiply is the perfect addition to Monta’s WMS. Based on 40+ forecasting models and AI, you spend less time purchasing, maintain sufficient inventory levels and prevent stockouts to achieve higher revenue.

QLS integration with Optiply

How does it work?

Monta integration with Optiply

Sync Monta to Optiply

With the integration between Optiply and MontaWMS, you can sync purchase orders from Optiply to Monta and pull all needed data from Monta. This integration includes: products, suppliers, supplier products, sell orders, purchase orders and receipt lines.


Customise your forecasting methods

Select your preferred inventory management and forecasting methods.


Check your purchasing advice

Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. Simply check and validate the purchasing advice.


Start optimising inventory

When ready, send purchase orders directly to your supplier via Optiply.

Why integrate?

Purchase the right products at the right time

Demand forecasting and automated replenishment

The AI purchasing algorithm makes a demand forecast based on your product and sales history in Monta but also considers seasons and trends. Optiply’s dynamic purchase planner shows you which products to purchase, which supplier to use and when to place the order.

Eliminate your cash-drainers

Optiply’s unique ABC categorisation ensures your bestsellers receive priority in inventory management, so your inventory stays balanced. Stock up on your most important products and boost your revenue and margins.

Automate your purchasing process

With Optiply’s real-time purchase automation, you can accurately speed up your replenishment orders. You can send purchase orders directly from Optiply, by an automatic email, downloading your order, or linking your supplier.

Always choose the best supplier

Get control over your supply chain. With data-driven supplier management you lower your purchasing costs by choosing the best supplier for each order. Optiply automatically searches for the best option.


Monta WMS is a solution for e-commerce and its logistics. It gives real-time insight into order flows per customer, warehouse, floor or zone. Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm will take your purchasing operations to the next level of demand planning.

"Better product availability with less stock"

Niels Veltman: "We are already seeing the effects of Optiply, which gives confidence and motivation to continue this upward trend. In addition, it is in line with our strategic choices, as we still believe the most important factor is our service levels. It is great that we now have an objective tool to measure and optimise this."

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