ProductFlow for better inventory management for marketplaces & web shops

When you sell your products through different marketplaces and web shops, it is difficult to keep an overview and balance your inventory. With the integration of ProductFlow you optimise your inventory and do not lose out on sales on the marketplaces you use.

ProductFlow Integration

How does it work?

ProductFlow Integration witht Optiply

Sync ProductFlow with Optiply

ProductFlow forwards the required product information to Optiply via the standard integration.


Adjust your forecasting methods

Choose your desired inventory management and forecasting methods.


Check your purchasing advice

Optiplyโ€™s AI purchasing algorithm determines the ideal inventory. Just check the purchasing advice and order immediately!


Start optimising your inventory

When you are ready, send the purchase order directly to your supplier with Optiply.

The integrations of ProductFlow:


Why integrate?

From too little or excess inventory to an optimal inventory

Data-driven purchasing advice

The AI purchasing algorithm uses data from ProductFlow to prepare purchasing advice for you. Always order at the right time, with the right quantity, from the best supplier.

Automated purchasing strategy

Optiply determines your purchasing strategy based on your product and sales history and provides accurate purchasing advice.

Streamline your purchase orders

You can send purchase orders directly from Optiply, simply via an automatic email, by downloading your order or by connecting your suppliers to the API.

Balanced inventory for healthy cash flow

With Optiply you focus on your bestsellers to keep your inventory balanced. By managing your purchases properly, you ensure sufficient cash flow and prevent stock shortages.

Always choose the best supplier

Add multiple suppliers and determine the minimum amount you want to order. Optiply takes into account the product prices, minimum order value, shipping costs and delivery times of each supplier for optimal purchasing advice.

Replenish multiple warehouses

Add all your warehouses in Optiply and forecast demand for each location to maximise your inventory investment.

optiply integration product flow

ProductFlow is a PIM system and marketplace integrator in one platform. Manage all information about your products in one place and save valuable time. Increase your turnover directly on the marketplaces and web shops by easily adding products. With Optiply you make data-driven choices, purchase on autopilot and make the purchasing process easier to transfer.

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"I would now trust Optiply more than a new purchaser"

Martijn Ouwerkerk: "Thanks to Optiply I have saved 40% of my time on procurement. Time I can now spend on the growth of SoundImports. It is precisely that dynamic trigger that makes Optiply unique, and has helped me a lot to change my purchasing process from reactive to proactive. "

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