Simplify and connect logistics with QLS and Optiply

QLS can process packages faster, cheaper and more efficiently thanks to the AutoStore (automated warehouse) and packing machine. With the integration of QLS and Optiply, you save time and money as a webshop.

QLS Integration with Optiply

How does it work?

Integrate QLS

Sync QLS to Optiply

After creating the API key, QLS sends your product, supplier, sell Order, purchase order and delivery information to Optiply via the standard integration.

Customise your forecasting methods

Select your preferred inventory management and forecasting methods.

Check & Start optimising inventory

Optiplyโ€™s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. Simply check and validate the generated purchasing advice.

The integrations of QLS:


Why integrate?

From too little stock or overstock to an optimal inventory

Data-driven demand forecasting

The AI purchasing algorithm uses data from QLS to prepare purchasing advice for you. This way you always order the right quantity from the best supplier at the right time.

Purchasing automation

Do you spend a lot of time managing data in different systems? Optiply determines your purchasing strategy based on your sales history, but also considers trends and seasons to give accurate replenishment advice.

Balanced stock for a healthy cash flow

With Optiply you focus on your most essential products. Balance your inventory and continuously meet customer demand. By properly arranging your purchases, you ensure sufficient cash flow and avoid stockouts.

Always choose the best supplier

With data-driven supplier management you lower your purchasing costs by choosing the best supplier for each order. Optiply automatically selects the best option.


QLS handles all logistics processes: provision, storage, order picking, packing, shipping and returns. Thanks to the integration with Optiply, e-commerce inventory management becomes easy due to optimised inventory levels in your warehouse but also because of a more efficient and scalable purchasing process.

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