Data-driven demand forecasting for your Shopware webshop

Optiply syncs with Shopware to give you real-time insights about your inventory based on 40+ AI forecasting models. You get accurate advice about which products to replenish, which supplier to use, and when to place a purchase order. Automate your purchasing process to gain time, accuracy and profitability.

Shopware Integration with Optiply

How does it work?

Integrate with Shopware

Sync Shopware to Optiply

After creating the API key, Shopware sends your products, inventory levels and sales history to Optiply.


Customise your forecasting methods

Select your preferred inventory management and forecasting methods.


Check your purchasing advice and order

Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. Simply check and validate the purchasing advice. When you’re ready, place the purchase order directly with your supplier via Optiply.

Why integrate?

Purchase the right products at the right time

Smart demand forecasting

The AI purchasing algorithm makes a demand forecast based on your product and sales history from Shopware. Optiply determines your purchasing strategy to give accurate advice about products to purchase and replenish, which supplier to use and when to place the order.

Streamline purchase orders

Your tailored purchasing agenda uses real-time insights to provide a clear overview of the products to purchase and replenish. You can send purchase orders directly from Optiply, simply by an automatic email, downloading your order, or linking your supplier with the API.

Balanced stock for a healthy cash flow

Optiply’s unique ABC categorisation ensures your bestsellers receive priority in inventory management, so you can achieve maximum growth. With a smart demand forecast, you ensure sufficient cash flow and avoid stockouts.

Always choose the best supplier

With data-driven supplier management you lower your purchasing costs by choosing the ideal supplier for each order. Optiply automatically searches for the best option.


Shopware is a leading e-commerce system used by some of the largest European brands, retailers and manufacturers in B2C and B2B industries.
With Optiply’s integration your inventory management goes to the next level with forecasting and demand planning. Real-time insights ensure you avoid stockouts and have sufficient cash flow to grow your business.

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