Enhanced demand planning with Zoho integration

With Zoho Books, you manage your administration, but with the Optiply integration you can switch from gut feeling to data-driven inventory planning. 40+ forecasting models and AI can calculate accurately what, when, how much and where to purchase.

Zoho Books

How does it work?

Zoho Integration with Optiply

Sync Zoho Books and Optiply

After creating the API key, Zoho Books sends your product, supplier, sell order and purchase order to Optiply.


Customise your forecasting methods

Select your preferred inventory management and forecasting methods.


Check your purchasing advice

Optiply’s AI purchasing algorithm determines your ideal inventory levels. Simply check and validate the purchasing advice.


Start optimising inventory

When ready, order directly from your supplier via Optiply.

Why integrate?

Increase sales with data-driven demand planning

Automate your purchasing process

Lower your time spent on purchasing by using automation. 40+ forecasting models predict future sales for your webshop. With Optiply’s real-time purchase automation, you can accurately speed up your replenishment orders. You can send purchase orders directly from Optiply, by an automatic email, downloading your order, or linking your supplier.

Smart demand forecasting

The AI purchasing algorithm makes a demand forecast based on your product and sales history from Zoho, but also considers seasons and trends. Optiply’s dynamic purchase planner shows you which products to purchase, which supplier to use and when to place the order.

Balanced stock for a healthy cash flow

Optiply’s unique ABC categorisation ensures your bestsellers receive priority in inventory management, so your inventory stays balanced. By properly arranging your purchases, you ensure sufficient cash flow and avoid stockouts.

Increase profitability with real-time insights

Get real-time insights into the performance of your products and suppliers. See how they are performing and find all the details related to your purchase orders.


Zoho Books is online accounting software that manages finances, automates business workflows, and helps work collectively across departments. The integration with Optiply provides the forecasting models you need to grow your business. Optiply ensures a balanced inventory and a purchasing process more efficient and scalable.

Rene van de Zel XXL Nutrition

"With Optiply, our inventory decreased by 30%."

René van de Zel: "We used to work with minimum and maximum order quantities. As soon as the inventory dropped, we started ordering. Changes in sales were not included this way, so we were always too late or too early with placing orders. Optiply offers the perfect solution."

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