Case Study

How increased its service levels with Optiply

“Optiply is gold”

We spoke with Pim Berghuizen, the owner and founder of We met in his physical shop in Amersfoort. His parents had four sports shops until about ten years ago. “We saw the market change, and sales moved to the online world. From there we decided to start” He also has his brand, which he sells all over the world. Hockeyspullen has grown by more than 200% last year and has also started quickly this year. We ask him about his experiences with Optiply since our collaboration.

Webshop and physical store

The store is linked to its warehouse and is open several days a week. 98 per cent of sales go through the webshop. Optiply combines the physical store and webshop and ensures that the products are perfectly in stock for both sales channels.

From standard backorders to everything in stock

“We worked with backorders and therefore ordered daily. Four months ago we decided to put everything in stock. Optiply gave us confidence, so we dared to stock thousands of products. It was a big investment, but it pays for itself. After this turnaround, you can see that Optiply comes into its own. We have gone from a service level of 82% to 91%, and we would like to get to 95% to 96%. With the fine-tuning of the tool, we will certainly get there, but it cannot happen in the space of a few months.”

Optiply plays a significant role in our webshop

“Allereerst scheelt het een hoop tijd, en tijd is uiteraard geld. Vroeger ging alles handmatig. Alle bestellingen, maar ook het schrijven van bestelbonnen etc. Nu hoeft dat niet meer en hebben wij alle processen gestructureerd, dat levert rust en tijd op in de organisatie. De productbeschikbaarheid schiet omhoog en daarmee ook gelijk de omzet en de klanttevredenheid. Optiply speelt daar een hele grote rol in, je weet dat je voorraadpositie altijd op orde is. Optiply is echt goud.”

Experience with Optiply

We are delighted with the system, and it is simple and easy to use. Until half a year ago, we did all orders manually. That colour is nice, order only 10 of those, or it might sell well. After that, that order was entered manually one by one in Lightspeed. With Optiply, I now have to take less risk when ordering a new collection for the first time, because Optiply picks up the runners very quickly and immediately gives purchasing advice. Now we order at the touch of a button, the products are reported inside, and everything is neatly in stock right away. The support is also top-notch, especially now that the live chat box is included. You get a quick answer, and everything is arranged and explained. I am very satisfied.

Points for improvement

We asked Pim to look back at the past six months. Are there things he would have done differently? He was quite firm in his answer: “No, the only thing I might have liked was an implementation training course at our location, so that I would be fully implemented in one day and would have mastered all the knowledge. I understand that this costs money, but I would have been willing to pay for it.”

"Powerful insights of my inventory and a clear forecast "

Ruud Kleine (Mr. Dental Supplies)

"Purchasing just got more efficiënt"

– Isabelle (

"More revenue with less stock"

– Alex Kaptein (Bralex)


"No more lost sales due to inavailability"

– Dirk Schrama (Dutch Mud Men)


"Supplying my store without any doubts"

– Casper Ehrencron (Partywinkel)


"Everything in stock at the right time"

– Willem Bontrump (


"Excellent tool and excellent customer service!"

– Thomas De Vriendt (Iedereen Loopt)

“We sell more products with less inventory”

With an inventory of 3000 unique products, we know exactly how much we have to order. Each day we are given completely automated purchasing advice backed by a powerful algorithm. Because of this advice, we have saved about €10.000- in 3 months. It all comes down to generating more sales with less inventory. Essentially what every eCommerce owner wants and needs.

– Alex Kaptein (Bralex)