The title ‘customer success manager’ implies that they will be responsible for ensuring that customers are pleased with the quality. They are prepared to put themselves in customers’ shoes while using the product to see how it works and to take appropriate measures to ensure there is no room for dissatisfaction.

Could you share some of your experiences as a customer success manager at Optiply?

“It all began with a graduation thesis and a 6-month internship that led to a full-time job at Optiply. It felt right to start my professional career at Optiply at the back of that internship. It gave me a good understanding of the supply chain, stock management and the e-commerce industry. My current team is outstanding in providing guidance, coordinating and having fun. You can say that ‘we have each other’s back’. In addition, at Optiply you will learn from all various departments. By participating in various department discussions I got to understand Optiply from every angle. That is something that I would recommend to any potential new team member. Do not hide, express yourself and attend various department meetings. That will guide you in a great way.”

“I believe in becoming a successful customer success manager while inspiring myself to achieve more, guiding customers to make smarter choices in the business, and building stronger relationships with customers to achieve mutual business goals.”
Meine Brueker

Customer Success Manager, Optiply

What does a customer success manager excel at?

“I believe that if you can establish strong relationships with the sales, service and product departments you are one step closer to becoming a successful customer success manager.”

When a customer agrees to start with Optiply, a customer success manager will be assigned to the customer. He or she is responsible to maintain the relationship by being the client’s main point of contact. At that point forward, constant efforts need to be made to maintain a positive relationship and to make sure that the customer is having a good experience with the product. That is where the customer success manager really can make a difference. The responsibilities increase from that point to drive trust, satisfaction and retention of a customer.

As Meine describes the feeling: “When you come to the point that you can share your own successful case stories to inspire, you know you have done your job well.”

What do you like most about being a customer success manager at Optiply?

“What I learned is to be more proactive while communicating. A technique I learned from one of my team members is to try to connect with clients by being more authentic in my communication. I am trying to be more strategic with my approach. I enjoy meeting new people, building a network and handling different customer cases. Each working day is different because there are always new challenges, such as onboarding and optimising customer accounts, answering their questions and providing product support. I always keep in mind that for every satisfied customer there is a successful customer success manager.”


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