Do you want to know what qualities a customer service specialist should possess? Learn from our customer service specialist Hessel Hartog what qualities you need in his department and how he is setting up Optiply’s customer service department from scratch.

Tell us about your journey towards Optiply

“The thought of being only a number within a company rather than being valued as a human being. That is what made me look for another job. I got to know Optiply via Patrícia Demétrio. She is responsible for talent acquisition at Optiply and approached me via LinkedIn about the role of a customer service specialist. I used to work in finance and therefore my start at Optiply was also an introduction to interesting subjects such as AI and supply chain management.”

“My aim was to find a role within a company where I would have both daily challenges and room for personal growth.”
Hessel Hartog

Customer Service Specialist, Optiply

Why did you choose Optiply?

“My goal was to find a new job within a company where I would be challenged and where I could develop personally. Since Optiply is a start-up, many things need to be established from scratch. I can prove myself with the challenges and that makes Optiply a perfect fit for me.”

“After I joined the team I met nice and open-minded folks. My colleagues gave me the confidence to take on the responsibility of setting up a customer service department.”

What are the qualities you need as a Customer Service employee at Optiply?

“From my experience, I know that a customer service specialist needs to be calm and collected, provide people with correct information, be able to listen actively and be empathetic. One of my and my team’s priorities is to foster these abilities. We frequently discuss our experiences and lessons, acquired from our professional careers. It is because of these qualities and experiences that I believe we are able to build a solid customer support department for Optiply.”


Ready to take the next step and join team Optiply?

As one of the first steps of our recruitment process, we will ask you to play a couple of short fun games. These games provide you with the opportunity to showcase your skills, talents, and personality. It will take around 20 minutes and you can do them either on your computer or phone.