Bono improved its product availability with Optiply

Discover how Bono used Optiply to improve its product availability and has fewer out-of-stock situations.
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Read in this story:

  • How a school project grew into a full-fledged online retailer
  • A time-consuming and inefficient purchasing process regularly led to lost sales
  • Implementation of Optiply has led to time savings, improved inventory management and growth in sales and assortment

Key results:

  • Improved product availability
  • Fewer out-of-stock situations


“We have carved out our place in the e-commerce world.”

Julian Regterschot

Purchaser, Bono

Bono started as an ambitious school project from Justin Rechterschot. In 2012 he started selling hair loss products from his attic room. Now, twelve years later, his company has grown into a successful online retailer with a wide range of beauty and health products and nutritional supplements.

“With the rebranding of to Bono and the expansion to several European markets, we have secured our place within the e-commerce world,” says Julian Rechterschot, brother of founder Justin, and responsible for the purchasing at Bono.

The challenge: time-consuming and manual purchasing process

Now Bono is an established name as a webshop, but in 2012 it was mainly a solo project of Justin. He imported hair loss products from the United States and sold them through his self-built webshop.

The purchasing process of Justin’s webshop also looked different in these early days and was mainly a time-consuming and manual job for him. Supplies were stored in his attic room and purchasing was based on manual calculations and email communication with suppliers. This process was not only inefficient but also led to challenges such as lost sales and excess stock. On the one hand, products were out-of-stock or, on the other hand, too many items had been purchased.

With a range that steadily grew to more than 1,400 products, it became increasingly difficult for Justin and his team to manage their products efficiently with this manual method.

Purchasing process transformed thanks to Optiply

The implementation of Optiply marked a turning point for Bono. “With Optiply, our purchasing process has been transformed. We can now optimise our stock levels with just a few clicks,” Julian explains.

The choice of Optiply was driven by Bono’s need to streamline their purchasing process and add automation. Optiply’s advanced purchasing algorithm and user-friendly interface offered the opportunity to make optimal purchasing decisions based on real-time data. This resulted in improved product availability and fewer out-of-stock situations.

“With Optiply, our purchasing process has been transformed. We can now optimise our stock levels with just a few clicks.”
Julian Regterschot

Purchaser, Bono

Bono focuses on growth

Thanks to Optiply, Bono can purchase more efficiently and focus more on growth as a business. The results of the collaboration with Optiply speak for themselves. “Since implementing Optiply, our product availability has significantly improved, and we have seen our daily order fulfilment increase,” Julian emphasises.

This not only demonstrates significant growth in sales volume but also that customer satisfaction has improved by reducing out-of-stock situations. In addition, the time spent on purchasing has been drastically reduced, leaving more room for adding new product lines.
Thanks to Optiply, Bono has experienced significant improvements in their purchasing process, including:

1. Time-saving

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. This results in significant time savings and allows Bono to invest time in growth initiatives, such as adding new products and exploring new markets.

2. Always optimal stock levels

Fewer products go out of stock and excess stock is significantly reduced. This is partly due to Optiply’s accurate forecasts and purchasing advice, ensuring that optimal stock levels are maintained.

3. Growth in sales

The collaboration with Optiply has significantly optimised Bono’s purchasing process and has been crucial for Bono’s growth and success in the competitive e-commerce sector.

Future plans: growth and innovation with Optiply

In the near future, Bono wants to take serious steps within Europe with a special focus on the UK and France and then Spain, Portugal and Italy. Julian emphasises the importance of Optiply in this desire to expand: “Optiply plays a crucial role in our purchasing strategies and inventory management as we explore new markets.” It shows that Optiply’s technological solutions are essential for efficiently managing complex logistics processes and supporting Bono’s growth strategies.

In addition, Bono is preparing the introduction of its own brand. This label should reflect the company philosophy and illustrate Bono’s focus on quality and innovation. Here too, Optiply plays an important role as the backbone for purchasing and inventory management and provides the technological support for the successful introduction of Bono’s brand.
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Bono logo customer success case
Bono integrated with Optiply and managed to achieve the following:

  • Improved product availability
  • Fewer out-of-stock situations
The partnership with Optiply is fundamental to Bono’s growth plans to offer its customers a wide range of health products and nutritional supplements. Optiply’s advanced solutions help Bono focus on what counts: innovation and strengthening its position within the e-commerce world. Bono looks forward to a future in which they can use Optiply’s purchasing and inventory management solutions to enhance their market position further and explore new opportunities.

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