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How Bralex saves money and time with Optiply

“Optiply saves us time and money”

“Bram and Alexander manage the warehouse of webshops such as, and They did the purchasing themselves for a long time until Alexander heard about Optiply, a new integration in Picqer. Optiply provides purchasing advice based on sales data, enabling webshop owners to optimise stock levels and thus save time and money. Since August 2016, Optiply has been running as an integration in the Picqer dashboard of Bram and Alexander’s webshops. We asked the latter how he likes it so far.”

Alexander, how long have you been using Picqer?

“About a year and a half. We used to have our own inventory system, but it did not work well. The system was not linked to the products, so we had to book everything in and out manually. That meant downloading CSVs all the time and uploading them back to suppliers. It simply did not work for us. Since we have been using Picqer, things have been going much better. We can now manage orders easily, and we know what our current stock is.”

How does the integration of Optiply work?

“Optiply provides automatic purchasing advice based on available product information, like sales history and the influence of seasons, which saves us a lot of work. If you have a hundred products, you can still keep track of purchasing, but we have thousands spread across multiple webshops, at some point, you lose control. You no longer know what and how much you are selling and how much you have to buy. We were lagging behind, and we were searching for pearls in an assortment of items that we thought would sell well. At the same time, we knew that there are products of which we have far too many in our warehouse. Therefore, we had a lot of deadstock.”

What does Optiply do for your?

“We now know exactly how much of all three thousand unique products we need to buy. We receive that advice automatically, which has saved us between five and ten thousand euros in three months. It literally means we sell more with less stock, and that is exactly what you want as a webshop owner”

Has that changed your business operations?

“Definitely. I used to do the purchasing myself because I was the only one who had the overview and the knowledge. In the old situation, I did not want to outsource the purchasing. Thanks to Optiply, I finally dared to do so. The system provides advice, and our procurement staff takes over, which has given me time for other things. I now spend that time on marketing, for example.”

You are one of the first companies to have integrated Optiply into Picqer. Do you recommend it?

“Yes. For us, it is worth the investment. The system is self-learning, and the people behind Optiply are working on optimising everything even further. We save money and time. What more do you want?”

What Optiply can do for your business?

What our customers typically achieve

80% Less Stockouts

Never miss out on a sale by ensuring you stock the right products.

26% Less Stock

Avoid that cash gets tied up in excess stock and reduce high stock holding costs.

Time Savings

Automation can speed up your purchasing process by 80%, allowing you to focus only on the exceptions.

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