“We are constantly growing and that requires an efficient approach.”

Pieter Hiemstra – Owner of Hondenspullenkopen.nl
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  • 7 years since the start of Hondenspullenkopen.nl
  • The integrations between GoedGepickt, ProductFlow and Optiply
  • More orders thanks to sales through marketplaces
  • Focus on scalability and growth

“I started very small about 6 or 7 years ago, from the bedroom and with the inventory in my brother’s garage. Now, after some location changes, we are in a large new building in Dokkum (The Netherlands).” This is how Pieter Hiemstra introduces the start of his successful online store Hondenspullenkopen.nl.

“We started off with only products for dogs, but our range has since greatly expanded. Now, we sell products for virtually all pets.” Whether you are looking for products for cats, rodents, fish, birds or reptiles – Hondenspullenkopen.nl has it. “Our goal is to set up a separate website for each type of pet, as we have already done with Reptielenspullenkopen.nl, for example.”

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Hondenspullenkopen has grown considerably in recent years. Not least because the webshop processes have been improved considerably with the help of smart software solutions. GoedGepickt (WMS system), Productflow (PIM system and Marketplace integrator in one platform) and Optiply have been important for the growth of Hondenspullenkopen.nl. Pieter: “The fact that we have added these systems to our backend is due to our ambition to continue growing.”
“The fact that we have added smart systems to our backend is partly due to our ambition to continue to grow.”
Pieter Hiemstra

Owner and purchaser, Hondenspullenkopen.nl

Outgrown the ‘excel phase’

Pieter’s growth ambition was accompanied by a number of challenges. Tessa van den Heuvel from GoedGepickt explains that Hondenspullenkopen.nl needed a WMS (Warehouse Management System) at first. “They wanted to get their warehouse operations under control. Many e-commerce businesses outgrow the ‘excel phase’ at a certain moment. The volume of orders and the – limited – capacity of the warehouse team can become serious challenges.”

GoedGepickt also proved to be important in the connection with Optiply and ProductFlow. Pieter says: “We initially also purchased with GoedGepickt via a min/max strategy. That worked well for us in the beginning. Yet, as you have more and more products (2000 to 3000 SKUs), it becomes increasingly difficult to estimate what is selling well and what is not.”

Pieter continues: “We were dealing with stockouts and lost sales. In addition, when we added new products we had insufficient insight into whether they were selling well or not. That made the purchasing process difficult. That is why we were looking for a smart purchasing solution.”

Due to Hondenspullenkopen’s desire to be active on multiple marketplaces and webshops, adding a PIM system (Product Information Management) became increasingly necessary. Maikel Peters of ProductFlow emphasizes: “Pieter and his team wanted to be able to place products on marketplaces and webshops quicker and not have to keep recalculating their sales prices on platforms such as Bol.com, Amazon and Kaufland.”

Pieter explains that the integrations were set up quite quickly. “We initially started with GoedGepickt before we added Optiply and ProductFlow. We are constantly growing, adding new products every week and are increasingly active on multiple marketplaces. This requires an efficient approach.”

“For Hondenspullenkopen, faster processing and delivery of orders is crucial. With GoedGepickt they can guarantee next-day delivery when customers order before 6 p.m..”

Tessa van den Heuvel

Support assistant, GoedGepickt

Always the right prices

Maikel from ProductFlow explains what ProductFlow does as a PIM system for Hondenspullenkopen: “Hondenspullenkopen manages all products in ProductFlow. These products are then created in GoedGepickt and on all sales channels.”

“We also take care of price management. Hondenspullenkopen manages and determines its sales prices per sales channel via our system.” And, thirdly, there is the ‘repricer’ function. Maikel: “Hondenspullenkopen sets all purchase prices, cost prices, shipping costs, and the commissions of marketplaces in ProductFlow. You can set your repricing in ProductFlow based on those costs. We create minimum and maximum prices and ProductFlow automatically determines the sales prices between the min and max; with the aim to win marketplace buy-blocks and realising more orders for Hondenspullenkopen.”

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Insight into product performance

Hondenspullenkopen’s inventory management is another crucial component. Pieter emphasises that the role of accurate data is very important. “By starting with Optiply we got a data-driven solution that gives us real-time insight into product performance. Optiply ensures that our stock is continuously up to scratch.”

“In addition, Optiply has given us more insight into our inventory and the turnover rate of products. I am sometimes surprised, especially about the turnover rate; how quickly and in what quantity Optiply advises me to purchase for our bestsellers. Still, it works and everything is correct.”

Image 1 Customer Case Hondenspullenkopen.nl.

Add more marketplaces

The direct links of ProductFlow and GoedGepickt with various marketplaces are very important for Hondenspullenkopen. Maikel: “We have an extensive content and order link with Amazon. That is our specialisation. ProductFlow and GoedGepickt complement each other very well in this regard.”

Tessa adds: “GoedGepickt actually continues where ProductFlow stops. When all products are added to the marketplaces and you start selling, it works best if you receive all orders in one system and can process them quickly. A fast processing time is really crucial if you want to scale up as an online store. With GoedGepickt you process your orders faster and you do not have to log in to individual platforms to process marketplace orders. This way you can process more orders with the same number of people.”

Added scalability

Tessa adds: “For Hondenspullenkopen, faster processing and delivery of orders is crucial. As an example, they can now guarantee next day delivery if you place an order before 6:00 PM, which used to be 3:00 PM. That is an amazing improvement in service to customers. Thanks to GoedGepickt, Hondenspullenkopen can process more orders with fewer people and at the same time provide better service to its customers.”

Maikel: “Hondenspullenkopen chooses ProductFlow because of product management, sales price management and their ambition to tap into more marketplaces (such as Amazon and Kaufland). They want to scale up and that is the main reason for Hondenspullenkopen to work with a PIM system. Our ‘repricer’ also ensures that Hondenspullenkopen always sells its products with the right margins. That results in more orders, and higher turnover and margin.”

In terms of purchasing, Pieter indicates that Optiply allows him to transfer his purchasing tasks more easily. “For example, if I go on holiday, I can easily transfer everything to my brother. If you have worked in our company for a while and have a feeling for the products, you can definitely purchase with a system like Optiply.”

“ProductFlow’s repricer ensures that Hondenspullenkopen always sells its products with the right margins. That gives them more orders, and higher turnover and margin.”
Maikel Peters

Sales Manager, ProductFlow

Ambition to continue growing

By integrating smart e-commerce software developers such as GoedGepickt, ProductFlow and Optiply, Hondenspullenkopen has taken a big step forward. Orders can be processed easier and faster. Prices and margins reflect reality across all sales channels – including crucial marketplaces. And Hondenspullenkopen almost never has to deal with overstock and/or understock.

Pieter also indicates that their ambition to continue growing is also a necessity. “We have a lot of room to grow at our current location. Given the costs we incur for our building, it is therefore a justified ambition to focus on growth.”

Pieter concludes: “Our product range is still growing. We are proud to have a wide range of pet products to serve our customers best.”

This customer case was created in collaboration with our partners GoedGepickt and ProductFlow:

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