We are the webshop for a zenful life. Optiply provides more zen moments within our purchasing.

Yorick Keijzer – Founder of Spiru
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The consequences of corona, the congestion in the Suez Canal and the war in Ukraine have left world trade in a challenging time. This also presents challenges in the field of purchasing and stock management for Spiru, the webshop for spiritual products. Read the story of Spiru and how they use innovation and automation to allow their organisation to operate flexibly within the market and to make their activities scalable.

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Spiru: the webshop for spiritual products

After setting up their first successful company, Norex, in web development and design, Spiru founders, Yorick Keijzer and Cas Noort, decided in 2017 tofully focus on their zenful webshop. Spiru offers a unique range of alternative products and cooperates with local suppliers from all over the world. More than 40 employees work from the company’s home base in Groningen (NL) to put Spiru on the map globally. With an eye for the environment and sustainable internal processes, Spiru wants to become the largest and most varied ‘zen brand’ in the world.

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Challenging purchasing times

Just as for other webshops, these are challenging purchasing times for Spiru. Founder Yorick clarifies: “We live in a special time. Corona, the congestion of the Suez Canal and the war in Ukraine.” These developments affect the world as a whole, but also freight traffic and the delivery times of goods in particular. “We import from countries such as : India, Brazil, Chile, Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia and China. You notice that the world is disrupted.”

As a result, some Spiru orders have been delayed for over a year. “Those are things that you can’t really take into account. A production batch can be ready earlier, but it can also take 9 to 10 months.” Yorick reasons calmly: “I think you have to accept that things are disrupted and that transport costs have increased enormously.” Yorick indicates that they continue to purchase certain products, despite the transport problems. “Delivery times are longer, but that is why we purchase a little bit more now. Our stock is therefore slightly too high, but it ensures that we can continue to service our customers.”

An innovative next step in Spiru’s purchasing process

Pre-corona Spiru purchased on the basis of a script prepared by itself. “We had a fairly simple formula. If a product sold that many times in a certain period, you had to purchase so many of it.” Due to the growth of Spiru and the dependence on multiple suppliers, this resulted in a lot of obsolete stock at a certain point. Purchases were made on the basis of a minimum stock level strategy and static metrics.

“At a certain point you have a lot of stock of products that are sold too infrequently. Purchasing is also becoming too complex – for estimating new ranges, but also for existing products.” Yorick saw this as a signal that a next step had to be taken. To organise the purchasing process in a smarter way, Spiru had two options: an in-house developed method or using a SaaS platform. Yorick and Cas ultimately chose the latter option, to ensure that the solution would be scalable.

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A combination of in-house knowledge and Optiply for more scalability

Scalability, speed and no complicated implementation process were important criteria for Spiru to start working with Optiply. As a result of the existing IT knowledge within Spiru, Yorick and Cas developed their own in-house system and linked it to Optiply. “Of course it makes a difference that you have the right knowledge in-house and that you do not have to engage a separate party for this. The in-house system took time, but once that was in place, we were able to start with Optiply fairly quickly.”

“If we hadn’t moved away from the minimum inventory strategy with Spiru, we would probably have purchased too much, wrong and/or too late. At some point I think this would have killedthe liquidity of our company. You have financial resources to purchase, but if you invest them in the wrong products, that is of course a waste.”

Yorick finds the dynamic agenda and the ABC categorisation in Optiply useful to keep the stock balanced. “I find the agenda part very relaxed. The agenda tells you what to look at every day, instead of keeping a calendar yourself.” In addition, Yorick also wants to work more with the categorisation of products: “I find the ABC categorisation very interesting. Which products are working well, which are not working and which ones do you have to get rid of.”

“There was and is a lot in my head, which is now also in the system. As a result, there is more overview and peace of mind in the workplace.”

Yorick Keijzer

Founder, Spiru

Innovation and automation for smart purchasing

By using Optiply, Spiru has started purchasing smarter. This has ensured that there is more available cash flow. “We were able to free up quite a bit of liquidity through Optiply. As a result, we can now import and offer other products.” In addition, Yorick also sees advantages in terms of information transfer. “There was and is a lot in my head, which is now also in the system. As a result, there is more overview and peace of mind in the workplace.” The automation has ensured that Yorick’s colleagues enjoy their work more and that tasks are transferable.

“Innovation is key in the process.” Optiply has made Spiru’s purchasing process more efficient and that offers opportunities for the company to scale up. “Scalability is essential for us. The great thing about e-commerce is that everything is digital. This allows you to improve your strategic decision-making based on data.” Yorick explains it like this: “We are the webshop for a zenful life. Optiply provides more ‘zen moments’ within our purchasing.”

With Optiply, Spiru achieved


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Higher Service Level


Growth in Cash Flow

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