Have you ever wondered where a trustworthy relationship with Optiply begins? And who creates a blueprint of the Optiply app to make it an essential part of the customer’s business? UK Account Executive Jack Jones will answer these questions and tell us more about how he experiences his role at Optiply.

How did you become an Account Executive at Optiply?

“When I started at Optiply, I had experience in software sales, but not yet in supply chain management. However, I felt it was time to start a new challenge. The Optiply team in the UK is currently working remotely but there is continuous assistance available. My team communicates a lot with each other and there is peace and time to make the responsibilities your own step by step.”

“Eventually, I began exploring many fields to build client relationship strategies and expand my knowledge on the Optiply product. In order to serve potential clients in the best possible way. While learning I also experienced the impact of being a constant support for existing clients. I realised that you have to make constant efforts to maintain your client’s trust.”

“At Optiply, I enjoy the freedom of being able to work towards my targets independently.
Jack Jones

Account Executive, Optiply

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

“At Optiply, I enjoy the freedom of being able to work towards my targets independently. I have complete freedom to organise my own agenda and show the results of my work. The company and management trust that I am fully committed to Optiply. That attitude motivates me.”

“The role of an Account Executive is full of new challenges and that is what I like most about my work. It gives me an opportunity to meet new people and learn through conversations. Additionally, it gives me the space to evaluate the progress towards the responsibilities.”

What lessons have you learned in this role?

“The ability to initiate a conversation is essential for an account executive. That can be difficult these days because everyone meets online. So you have to make sure that you are attractive with a twist but still authentic in your way of communicating.”

“The moment I made a few changes in the way I speak, I noticed these small changes in style and approach caught the attention of customers. Whether it was in my voice, the body language when meeting clients, or a positive attitude – I realised that these small changes are the foundation for the position I hold.”