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How to maintain a healthy balancebetween inventory levels and stockouts?

Optiply’s dashboard gives you real-time insights into your product and supplier performance. Track crucial metrics such as the financial impact of potential stockouts, your product’s turnover rate, and the number of days of stock on hand. Monitor and control these metrics to adjust purchases to new sales situations and avoid obsolete- and dead stock.

Monitor the performance of your products and suppliers and access all relevant information about your purchase orders in one place. Use these valuable insights to make informed purchasing decisions based on product availability and turnover rates, to increase profitability.

Check the performance of products and suppliers in the

Optiply dashboard


Feel in control of your inventory by tracking the key performance indicators (KPIs) for inventory management. Monitor your turnover rate, service level per category, trends, seasonality and minimise the time products lay in your warehouse.

A high turnover rate guarantees the best product availability while reducing the time products lay in your warehouse.

Product details

Stay informed about product performance, most frequently used suppliers and any categories that require additional attention to maintain your desired service level.

Zoom in on a product level to see more details on forecasting, stock-out periods, trends, seasonality, inventory, service levels, contribution to margin and more.

Inventory Time (Overstock)

Evaluate the quality of your inventory by calculating the inventory time. Find out how long a product has been lying on the shelf before being sold to determine if you have overstock.

A lower turnover time is better, indicating the stronger financial performance of your inventory.


The Optiply app allows you to easily add and extract product and/or supplier information. Add new products, sales data, product compositions, and link products and suppliers.

Additionally, phase out multiple products simultaneously by using bulk import and export tables as a .csv or .xlsx file directly from the Optiply app.

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“The user-friendliness and clarity of Optiply ensure that things can be quickly taken over by someone else.”

Purchaser, Ledlichtdiscounter

“The biggest advantage of Optiply is that you have an idea of your expected sales figures, here and there I adjust the purchases accordingly. That is why we do not have excess stock, which means that you retain more liquid assets in your company.”

Purchaser, XXL Nutrition

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