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Automate your replenishment with AI Forecasting

Purchase accurately with AI and 40+ forecasting methods.

What time does it take to determine how many products you need to purchase?

With a clear understanding of expected sales, supplier delivery performance, and the overall importance of products to your business, it is easier to determine the appropriate order quantities.

With Optiply you are able to save time and improve accuracy. AI-powered replenishment automation and 40+ forecasting models predict your webshop’s future sales.

Know exactly what and when to order with
AI-driven purchasing advice


Optiply’s AI Forecasting has been trained on the tens of millions of products we processed forecasts for over the years.

We automatically combine machine learning with our 40+ forecasting models to predict your webshop’s future sales more accurately than ever.

Composed products (Assembly/Production)

When you purchase products that differ from what you sell, it’s critical to receive purchasing advice for the actual products you are purchasing rather than for the products you will sell.

Optiply provides a unique feature that identifies these differences to accurately purchase composed products and bundles.

Advice reliability indicator

Optiply’s purchasing advice is data-driven. Our forecasts’ accuracy depends on the amount and quality of the data. Optiply flags uncertain product purchase advice, such as those with minimal sales history or an unexplainable change in demand.

This feature allows purchasers to solely focus on managing exceptions rather than spending time on routine replenishment orders.

Export purchase orders

Optiply allows you to send purchase orders directly to your suppliers via email, EDI or our API. You can also export the order list to your preferred format.

Furthermore, Optiply’s integration capabilities enable the automatic transfer of purchasing advice to your ERP or WMS system.

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“The time I save with Optiply allows me to focus on product management, maintaining the relationship with suppliers and checking product turnover time.”

Founder, Phone Factory

“When I look at my work as an operational purchaser, I have reduced the time it takes to place a purchase order from over an hour to fifteen minutes.”

Operational Purchaser, Ledstores

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