supply chain control

Take control of your Supply Chain

Choose the right supplier and delivery method for every order.


Are youlosing revenuedue to supplier stockouts or late deliveries?

If your suppliers deliver irregularly, it can be difficult to determine when to place purchase orders and in what quantities.

Optiply can assess the impact of supplier delivery performance on your inventory. Choose the best supplier for each order based on minimum order quantities, delivery performance and supplier inventory levels.

Improved product availability and

a more efficient inventory

Lot Sizes / MOQ

Are you required to meet a minimum order size with your supplier, or do you prefer to place orders above a certain value to take advantage of discounts?

Optiply allows you to easily customise settings to reflect these preferences and take them into account when generating a purchase advice.

Lead time setting

Optiply tracks the actual lead times of your suppliers to accurately determine when to expect deliveries.

Our purchasing advice is based on the actual lead times of your purchase orders and deliveries instead of the promised lead times of your suppliers.

Lead time variability

Actual lead times may vary greatly over time depending on the reliability of your supplier. This uncertainty in delivery time affects your own inventory, while you don’t want to be left without stock when your supplier delivers late again.

Optiply ensures that you replenish according to the actual lead times and their variability. Our purchase advice knows for which suppliers you need to maintain a buffer stock to ensure you can always meet customer demand.

Supplier inventory

Stay on top of product availability and avoid stockouts by checking your supplier’s inventory for each product.

With Optiply’s EDI links, you can access real-time information and seamlessly switch to alternative suppliers if needed.

Smart Supply Chain Management

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“Due to the specific data in Optiply, you can really trust that the numbers per order are correct. For example, you can enter the delivery time for each supplier, the order period, possibly the fixed order costs and the minimum order value.”

“Now you can see much better how a supplier delivers and/or whether something has been delivered that we did not order. This way suppliers are easier to monitor.”

More features for an optimised purchasing process

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