Streamline your inventory management

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No more missed sales because of better product availability


40 different forecasting methods


Eliminate insecurities in your supply chain


Detect seasonal and market trends as well as product lifecycle details


Synchronize supplier's product availability


Multi-supplier and multi-shipment analysis


Automated purchasing advice

realtime and accurate data

Experience the power of our algorithm

Our algorithm is always on, performing analysis 24/7. This way, we can provide you with accurate real-time data. Discover all of the variables we process to provide vital insights for your business.

ABC Categorisation

Define which products contribute the most to your bottom line. Shift focus to these products and create healthy stock levels.


Costs of purchase

Compare shipping costs and minimum order quantities to warehousing costs to determine the optimal purchasing moment for every supplier.

Inventory costs

Keeping stock costs your business money. Get valuable insights and ensure your warehouse is used optimally.

Better product availability

Provide advice regarding missed sales due to out of stock products.

Product details

Discover essential details about the performance of individual products. Optimise the turnover ratio and get rid of ‘deadstock’.


Assess which products need a buffer based on the performance and reliability of your suppliers.

Seasonal and market trends

Always be prepared for the next spike in sales, which is identified by our seasonal and market trend analysis.


Discover which shipping method is best for different situations.

Promotions and deals

Planned promotions which Optiply incorporates into the purchasing advice we provide to you.


With more than 300 satisfied clients, Optiply has enhanced the stock of many eCommerce stores and wholesalers. Because we would like to offer you advice that is tailored to the needs of your business, we like to highlight the advantages in a personal demo.

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