Inventory optimisation software for more revenue

Automate your inventory and purchasing management.
Create a scalable and transferable purchasing process to grow your webshop. You can connect multiple source systems with easy API integrations. Achieve maximum revenue with minimum inventory.

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Less Lost Sales with inventory optimisation software

Inventory optimisation software analyses data, so that you, as a webshop or wholesaler, gain insight into your stock management. Based on real-time data and forecasting, you can immediately see which products are performing well and which are not. Integrate your ERP, WMS or CMS with inventory management software. Know immediately what, when, how much and where to purchase for an optimal stock level.

More revenue

Get more revenue with less inventory. Reduce excess stock and stockouts.

Less stock

Increase inventory efficiency by lowering inventory levels and avoiding lost sales.


Use data and technology. Automate so you save time for other things.

What is Inventory Optimisation?

Optimal purchasing starts with gaining insight into your supply chain. If you start as a small webshop, it is often easy to oversee when the stock comes in, where it comes from and when it goes out. But when your online store starts to grow, it quickly becomes a complicated process to properly manage your stock. Optimising stock ensures that you get a grip on incoming and outgoing products. This keeps stock holding costs low, so you can spend your cash on other things.

Characteristics of inventory optimisation.

Good inventory optimisation can be recognised by a balanced inventory. This means that you have to deal with under and overstock as little as possible. This also ensures that
you have a healthy inventory value. This snapshot indicates the extent to which your shop and/or wholesale business has balanced inventory management. Another feature of good inventory optimisation is reducing stock holding costs. This ensures that there is no unnecessary cash tied up that you can not spend on other things.

Why inventory optimisation?

Inventory optimisation improves the service level. The service level is the percentage of products you can actually deliver to customers from your inventory. This level relates to a specific product. As a webshop or wholesaler, it is important that you aim for a high service level. In the article about service levels, we explain how you can improve this by optimising inventory. Do you want more insight into your stock? Then you can use the following tools:

agenda stock purchase

Inventory management methods

Use inventory management methods for the flow of goods. Determine the flow within the warehouse. Use the ABC categorisation, FIFO, LIFO and/or JIT method.

warehouse flow of goods

Technical and economic stock

Analyse technical and economic stock and take it a step further to make the stock process even better for both the warehouse and the purchasing department.

Better data quality with
inventory optimisation software

With inventory optimisation software you know where there is a margin for growth in your inventory. An inventory with insufficient data can lead to low service levels and more administration and processes that are difficult to transfer. Get more revenue with less stock and avoid low service levels.


Achieve higher service levels through targeted purchasing

Gain insight into purchasing, stock and sales figures. Without the right data, you are at the mercy of purchasing based on gut feeling. This results in an unbalanced stock, higher costs and more lost sales.

Spend time on strategic purchasing and automate the rest

Purchasing is expensive and a lot of costs are hidden in the time spent on purchasing. You can easily automate choices about where, how much and when to order. Ensure efficient inventory management by making data-driven purchasing decisions. Spend your time on strategic purchasing: looking for new partners and closing a good deal.


Collaborate with all your buyers in one place

Does your purchasing department consist of several FTEs and no central tool? Make important purchasing information accessible to everyone. When everyone has access to the same data, things are more easily transferred. Difficult transferable processes cost a lot of time and unnecessary energy.

Manage inventory for multiple sales platforms

Do you also want to sell on, Amazon or Marktplaats in addition to your webshop? Inventory management for marketplaces brings new challenges. With a good inventory strategy, you always have an accurate overview of your stock levels. Make sure you always have enough stock to stay high in the marketplace rankings. Also choose good WMS software, to always keep an overview.


Reduce inventory holding costs, and boost cash flow. Discover what Optiply can do for your e-commerce business.

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“I would now trust Optiply more than a new purchaser”

Martijn Ouwerkerk:Thanks to Optiply I havesaved 40% of my timeon procurement. Time that I can now spend on the growth of SoundImports. It is precisely that dynamic trigger that makes Optiply unique and has helped me a lot to change my purchasing process from reactive to proactive.

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Optimise your inventory
by purchasing efficiently & scalable

Automate and innovate your inventory and purchasing, gain more insight and optimally organise the purchasing process.
In addition, you ensure a green supply chain by ordering minimal stock.


Integrated within one day

Integrate stock optimisation software into your webshop or wholesaler. With an API connection, stock optimisation software is always easy to integrate with other programs.

Arrange your shopping anytime, anywhere

All your data is secure and stored safely in the cloud. By working in the cloud, data is available 24/7, which means you can work wherever you want.

The right data, always at hand

Integration ensures that data from different source systems come together. This makes your data flow transparently and the information provision about your current stock is always up to date.

Automate 80% of your purchases

From now on, you no longer have to manually make changes. Stock optimisation software automatically and efficiently manages stock and purchasing.

What Optiply can do for your business?

What our customers typically achieve

80% Less Stockouts

Never miss out on a sale by ensuring you stock the right products.

26% Less Stock

Avoid that cash gets tied up in excess stock and reduce high stock holding costs.

Time Savings

Automation can speed up your purchasing process by 80%, allowing you to focus only on the exceptions.

Discover how much your business can save.

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