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Inventory Savings Calculator

Do you know if there is profit hidden in your stock? With our free inventory savings calculator you can easily calculate how much profit you are missing out on! 🧮


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Become an Optiply super user! Learn all the ins and outs of the purchasing page<br />

Become an Optiply super user! The ins and outs of the purchasing page

In this webinar, we zoom in on the purchasing page in the Optiply app. Become an Optiply power user! Learn all the ins and outs of the purchasing page.

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Top 4 meest gemaakte fouten met Optiply

Top 4 most common mistakes with Optiply

We have identified the top 4 most common mistakes that prevent customers from getting the maximum results from Optiply.

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From email to EDI: streamline your order communication<br />

From email to EDI: streamline your order communication

How do you communicate with your suppliers about purchase orders? Take a closer look at how you place purchase orders with your suppliers: email to EDI.

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4 tips for a successful e-commerce high-season<br />

4 tips for a successful e-commerce high-season

In the e-commerce sector, you must take advantage of sales during the high season. Get 4 tips to make the e-commerce peak season a success

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Download our free white papers to discover expert insights and unique tips to optimise your purchasing and inventory management.

5 things you should spend your time on as a purchaser<br />

5 things you should spend your time on as a purchaser

Find in the white paper an approach based on 5 things that you should focus on to increase your value as a purchaser.

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4 tips for Smart Inventory Management<br />

4 tips for Smart Inventory Management

Find in this white paper how to organise your purchasing operations as efficiently as possible.

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A changing supply chain: 6 ways to make data-driven purchasing decisions

A changing supply chain: 6 ways to make smart purchasing decisions

Learn how to keep a grip on your inventory while remaining flexible and scalable at the same time.

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Case Studies

Find out how we help other businesses in your industry to improve their purchasing strategy.


Fitwinkel exchanged Excel for AI purchasing

Fitwinkel exchanged Excel for Optiply’s AI and data-driven purchasing method to gain time and reduce their error sensitivity.

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Sound Imports: from reactive to proactive purchasing<br />

Sound Imports: from reactive to proactive purchasing

Sound Imports reduced its time spent on purchasing, created a transferable and scalable purchasing process and improved cash flow. 

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XXL Nutrition’s inventory decreased by 30%

Because of the data-driven purchasing and inventory management solutions from Optiply XXL Nutrition’s lost sales went down by 25%.

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Beauty Plaza: automation makes growth possible

Beauty Plaza improves product availability, avoids stockouts by accurately forecasting product sales and gets reliable purchasing advice based on AI forecasting.

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Make use of our free templates to start improving your purchasing operations and inventory management

Template Excel ABC A<br />
nalysis<br />

ABC Analysis in Excel - Free Template

An ABC analysis gives insight into your popular and less popular products. With this, you know exactly what you have to purchase.

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Download our free Excel Inventory Management template

Inventory Management in Excel - Free Template

Find out how to keep track of your inventory with Excel. You can determine your purchase orders with a number of formulas.

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