Do you know anyone on your team who is quiet, observant, and shy by nature but determined in work ethic?

Meet Daniel Ramos, who joined Optiply five years ago as a backend developer and progressed to the position of Optiply’s lead developer in Évora (Portugal). He talks about what it takes for a company to be impactful in an employee’s life and explains how he nurtured his mentoring style.

Be inspired by Daniel’s professional growth and mentorship if you aspire to join Optiply for a career in technology.

Give us a glimpse of five years Optiply

“Back in 2017, I was looking for a more challenging job role. One of my friends introduced me to Wiljo Verbruggen, the chairman of the board at Optiply. Together with two other friends, we joined in on a conversation with Wiljo about ‘tech and life’. It was a conversation with a big impact because a few days later I started as a backend developer at Optiply.”

“I had little knowledge of the Optiply software but was eager to learn. I quickly realised that there are no shortcuts in technology. Fortunately, Optiply provided me with all the resources and space to learn more about the sector and the products.”

“Until today my advice for new joiners is to have a lot of conversations with your team. In my opinion, this is the way to get grip on the new software and the wider supply chain topics. For me, having a grip on software naturally led to being the lead developer and mentor of an amazing development team.”

“In the end, we are left with experience to share as we grow with the company. That motivates me to be dedicated to the company’s vision.”

Daniel Ramos

Lead Developer, Optiply

“Daniel is a great mentor for a team”. What is your comment on this?

“I am glad to see there is trust between the members of my team. For example, when someone is stuck with a task other team members will help and mentor that person. My motto is to give people ownership with trust. However, guidance is very important to let people achieve individual progression. The whole team has to motivate and help each other.”

“If you get freedom and ownership in your work I expect that people pay that back with results. I remind my team quite often of a famous John F. Kennedy quote I made my own: ‘ask yourself what you can do for our company instead of asking what your company can do for you’.”

What does working at Optiply mean to you?

“I am very glad to be a part of a growing company with all the struggles, growing pains, and joys of success. Next to that, Optiply’s open atmosphere allows me and all employees the freedom to talk out of their expertise. A healthy work environment where each effort is noticed and each viewpoint is valued motivates me to be dedicated to the company’s vision.”


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