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A changing supply chain

6 ways for making data-driven purchasing decisions

Are purchasing and transport costs skyrocketing for you? With the current supply chain movements, every e-commerce company has faced major challenges. Matching supply and demand has never been a simple game. After reading this whitepaper, you will know how to keep a grip on your stock while remaining flexible and scalable at the same time.

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Data-driven forecasting

Data-driven purchasing decisions help you identify risks within the supply chain

Purchasing decisions

Discover how to make effective purchasing decisions by knowing the market demand and making trade-offs.

The costs for transport and containers are rising and raw materials are becoming scarcer, which makes purchasing products more expensive. In addition, the pendulum effect shakes up the supply chain even more. Matching supply and demand had never been such a balanced game. But how do you, as a webshop owner or wholesaler, continue to respond effectively to this? The goal is to ultimately prevent so many no sales while remaining flexible and scalable. The answer? Know your supply chain so you know where the risks lie.


In this whitepaper you will read about:

  • How to overcome challenges such as high container costs, squeezed margins and uncertainties in the supply chain;
  • Tips on how to get a grip on your purchases and stock management;
  • What the future expectations are within the supply chain.

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