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Purchase Planner

Optiply’s dynamic purchase planner shows you which products to purchase, which supplier to use and when to place the order.

Always meet customer demand. Purchase the right products at the right time and choose the best supplier for each order.

Supply Chain Control

Get in control of your supply chain. Ensure you always choose the right supplier and delivery method for each order.

Select for each order the best supplier based on order quantities, delivery performance and supplier inventory levels.

Purchase Automation

Reduce the time you spend shopping. Increase accuracy by using automation powered by AI forecasting.

40+ forecasting models predict future sales for your webshop. With Optiply’s real-time purchasing advice, you can accurately speed up your replenishment orders.

Balanced Inventory

Always stock your most important products. Avoid getting cash stuck in excess inventory.

Optiply uses the ABC analysis to balance your inventory and make the impact of products on your business’ margin and/or revenue visible.

Insights & Analytics

Gain real-time insight into the performance of your products and suppliers.

The Optiply dashboard gives you real-time visibility. See how your products and suppliers are performing and find all details related to your purchase orders.

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“Our stock has decreased by 30% through efficient stock distribution”

Roel Linders

Purchaser, XXL Nutrition

“We avoided having to hire an extra purchaser

Tamara Knulst

Purchaser, Leijtens Import

“Optiply saved me 40% of my time on purchasing”

Martijn Ouwerkerk

Founder , SoundImports

What Optiply can do for your business?

What our customers typically achieve

80% Less stockouts

Never miss out on a sale by ensuring you stock the right products.

26% less stock

Avoid that cash gets tied up in excess stock and reduce high stock holding costs.

Time Savings

Automation can speed up your purchasing process by 80%, allowing you to focus only on the exceptions.

Discover how much your business can save.

Optiply is the #1 addition
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Easily integrate Optiply with your favourite system.

Integration links are available for the most popular webshop systems, warehouse software and ERPs.

Or, use our Optiply API to link your own source system.

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