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Optiply continuously analyses all sales and stocks, so the larger the organisation, the more data we analyse. Our prices are fair and transparent. This way, we grow together.

A plan to grow with

Optiply scales with you to be the perfect purchasing solution in every step of company growth.


£ 329

Transparent prices, based on the data that has to be analyzed by Optiply.



Transparent prices, based on the data that has to be analyzed by Optiply.

Included in all plans:

AI Forecasting

Dynamic purchasing calendar

Real-time ABC Analysis


Analysis Delivery reliability

Unlimited users

Supplying my store without any doubts

“When I started, purchasing was relatively uncomplicated and easy to manage. With more than 100.000 products in stock, the situation called for a solution. Optiply helps us manage all of these products, and we do not have to do any analysis. We are delighted with this collaboration!”

Casper Ehrencron

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Purchasing just got more efficient

“Optiply is very user friendly and directly contributes to our growth. Apart from that, Optiply makes our purchasing process a lot more efficient. I only need to validate the purchasing advice, which allows me to focus on other important tasks.”


Excellent tool, excellent customer support!

“Optiply gives an accurate and clear overview of your sales and inventory, which makes it easy to optimise different aspects of your supply chain. Moreover, their customer support is outstanding. Every question is matched with a quick follow up and solution, even outside of business hours!”

Thomas de Vriendt


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Optiply for?

Optiply is for all webshops and wholesalers, both large and small, that keep and manage stock themselves (in their own warehouse or at a fulfilment center). You ship products as you receive them (minimum assembly).

The smallest webshops working with Optiply have an annual turnover of £50,000, whilst the largest ones generate many millions.

How do I choose the best plan?

The best plan is automatically calculated for your needs. You can request this during a free demo. Our plans start from £329per month.

How are payments/invoices organised?

Monthly payments are organised via direct debit (of which you will receive a digital invoice/confirmation).Annual payments are sent out by invoice to your accounting department.

How does the Optiply pricing model work?

The pricing model is based on the number of SKUs and order lines. This is an accurate reflection of how much data we need to analyse.

On average, implementing Optiply achieves a return on investment x 5 in the first year of operation.

Is there a trial period?

Optiply does not offer a trial period for new users. However, a number of tests can be done in advance, which help you evaluate whether the system suits your company’s needs or not. Simply schedule a demo, and we will take it from there.

I have more questions

We are happy to help you with whatever question you have. Contact us via chat, phone, email or schedule a demo.

What Optiply can do for your business?

What our customers typically achieve

80% Less Stockouts

Never miss out on a sale by ensuring you stock the right products.

26% Less Stock

Avoid that cash gets tied up in excess stock and reduce high stock holding costs.

Time Savings

Automation can speed up your purchasing process by 80%, allowing you to focus only on the exceptions.

Discover how much your business can save.

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